Corporate WordPress solutions

for businesses any size

Create a website for your business

Need to create a new company or e-commerce website or reimagine and upgrade your business’s current site?

We take your company ideas and information and recreate them in a beautiful, functional, and professional-quality website.

From small ideas like representing your company information in a beautiful design, to bigger ones like e-commerce and custom features that integrate with your workflow, we have everything to fit your company’s unique needs.

Business to business solutions

As a smart business owner you want the best tools to create the highest quality products for your customers without all the technical difficulties.

You also want to have a reliable partner that can even make the most complex requests from your clients become reality, once again without all the technical difficulties.

The best part is that all our products and services are completely white label and you will benefit from special bulk pricing.

About Folido web & marketing

Folido web & marketing is a professional online web design and development company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We are passionate about helping you create a high quality, customized website for your company, no matter where you are sourced.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a level of personalized, effective web and marketing solutions. We are your one-stop website creation team, handling everything from web design and development to e-commerce and programming custom functions.

With 15 years of experience in web development, we are dedicated to thinking outside the box to create the highest-quality and most effective websites for your company.

Anything is possible

No matter how ambitious your ideas are, we have a solution. At Folido, we do everything, from advanced forms, surveys, e-mail opt-ins, and e-commerce solutions to the more complex solutions like integrating your website with your workflow, setting your website to communicate with your CRM software or POS, and anything else you need your website to do.

Everything in-house

Folido web & marketing provides a full range of services. You don’t need to use a separate hosting company, web developer, web designer, or web programmer. We’re your single contact, providing all the web services you need… all under one roof. Our team of designers, developers, programmers, customer support, and more is ready to help you with all your service needs.

Some of our work

Here are a few of the projects we have realised, so you can get a better idea of our work

AnylinQ BV

KH Creation Co. LTD



Darawan Printing

Your future website here?

Business to Business portfolio

Since our Business to Business products and services are completely white label, we are not able to publish examples publicly. For more information and examples on our Business to Business products and services please contact us via our contact form