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Premium Managed WordPress hosting packages

Folido Managed WordPress packages are full service solutions to host your WordPress project. Our solutions go beyond others because we tailor each solution to the needs of your website.
BasicVPS LiteVPS Gold
Managed hosting WordPress BasicManaged VPS Lite WordPress PackageManaged dedicated VPS/Server WordPress Package
Ideal for simple websitesSuitable for basic sites using a heavy plugins such as WooCommerce or WPMLStability and speed for sites with multiple heavy plugins together with big databases
Premium Shared hostingPremium VPS hostingPremium Dedicated hosting
1 CPU (75%) + 512MB RAM (Max usage)1 CPU (100%) + 1 GB RAM (Max usage, Max 6 sites on every server)100% usage of available CPUs and RAM
Unlimited SSD storage (fair use)10GB Premium SSD (NVMe)Equal to server provider
Unlimited transfer (fair use)Unlimited transfer (fair use)Equal to server provider
Shared IPShared IPDedicated IP
Full service, maintenance & supportFull service, maintenance & supportFull service, maintenance & support
Included: Licenses for premium plugins and themes such as Divi, Oxygen Builder, Gravity Forms, SEOPress, WP Rocket and more!Included: Licenses for premium plugins and themes such as Divi, Oxygen Builder, Gravity Forms, SEOPress, WP Rocket and more!Included: Licenses for premium plugins and themes such as Divi, Oxygen Builder, Gravity Forms, SEOPress, WP Rocket and more!
Set-up (one time) 3500 THBSet-up (one time) 3500 THBSet-up (one time) 5000 THB
5000 THB Per year
(including server)
8500 THB Per year
(including server)
12500 THB Per Year
(EXCLUDING server)
500 THB Per month
(including server)
850 THB Per month
(including server)
1250 THB Per month
(EXCLUDING server)
Price per websitePrice per websitePrice per server, including 1 website. Additional website 4000 per year

What is the meaning of “Full service”?

How we differ from other hosting solutions is simple. Most other services will only set up a webserver for you, and it stops there. We on the other hand, are passionate about both the server side and the WordPress side, and will tweak the server specifically to your website’s needs.

Folido Managed Hosting is a full service solution, meaning that there is no self service. This way we can assure a fast and secure environment for your website. No digging in control panels, no setting up DNS, no complicated setup etc. just simply ask us!

Maintenance & support

Keeping your site and the server up to date is of utmost importance. Your website script needs to be regularly updated, not only for performance reasons but also security reasons. Support is also included where we help you further with any technical issue.

  • Periodic maintenance and updates for server and OS
  • Periodic maintenance and updates for server software
  • Periodic maintenance and updates for WordPress themes and plugins

  • Basic DDoS protection and support
  • When your website gets hacked*
  • Any error that you encounter in WordPress (including 400 Erors, 500 Errors, Blank Screen of Death, Debug errors etc.)
  • We can tweak and change the server for you. PHP modules, php.ini, htaccess etc.
*You cannot move your already hacked site to our service. It is possible to have us look at the hack beforehand for an additional fee.

Security & Speed

Our hosting services will go through an extra layer of security before the visitor actually gets on the website. You can see this as a firewall service. Not only does it add security, but also acts as a Content Delivery Network that will speed up your website globally.


Managed VPS/Dedicated server

Need more power for your site? We can also provide to manage a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server for you. The advantage is that your website will be significantly faster because you will have dedicated resources for your website alone, and we can tweak the server to run your site as fast as possible!


To get a better idea of what to expect in terms of price, please check our pricing page for our current rates