Website design and development services

for businesses any size

Your business online

In this day and age it is important for your business to have an online presence, whether you are a small business like a cafe, a freelancer like an accountant or a bigger business like a printing house or an international distributor. Having a proper website not only shows your info, skills and expertise but will also be extremely professional in the eyes of your (potential) customers.

With over 15 years of experience in web design and development, we at Folido web & marketing will use our expertise to make your website ideas become reality.

Web Design

We love to design modern, crisp and clean websites and up to date with the latest trends. We love to think along with you in regards to all aspects like navigation, image placement, colors, typography…. Anything that will improve, not just the professionalism of your site, but also the user experience for your visitors

Responsive Design, works on all devices!

All our web designs are responsive, that means the designs will adapt automatically to any device. Whether you are viewing the site on a smartphone, tablet, computer, games console or even smart tv, we make sure your website looks good and is easy to use on any modern device! Not only will it be easier to use, Google also tends to rank easy to use websites for mobiles higher!

Custom work

Need something more than a standard website, like custom functionality? We have you covered! Our programmers are capable of custom building any functionality for your website. Examples are: “Create your own Pizza form” for a pizzeria, displaying data from your CRM and having your e-commerce site work with your current POS. You come up with any idea, we will make it.


To get a better idea of what to expect in terms of price, please check our pricing page for our current rates