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Optimization Packages

We will optimize your Home Page where possible to improve your Google PageSpeed Insight score, and reduce your website size and number of requests as much as is possible.  You will keep your current theme and/or page builder and can continue working in the workflow you are used to.

After the initial optimization is done on your Home Page, we can determine which other pages or page types are also important for your business to optimize.

  • Home Page / Initial Optimization starting from ฿10000
  • Additional Pages starting from ฿1000 per page
  • Page Type optimization (such as Blog posts, Product pages) starting from ฿5000 per post type
  • Option: SEO optimization based on your current website code starting from ฿10000
  • Initial (Home Page) Optimization is mandatory before additional pages/types can be done


Platform Migration Packages

Your entire site will be re-built from the ground in our platform, specifically created to build lightning fast websites. The look and feel of your site will remain mostly the same, and we will simplify your workflow in the backoffice by creating templates.  This means that you as website owner can solely focus on creating content, instead of figuring out how a website builder works! As we restructure your website from ground we also make sure every technical aspect of SEO are in the right places.

Are you already using WooCommerce? Get more out of your revenue by migrating! Studies have proven that 1% of revenue is lost per day for 1 second of delay on a healthy e-commerce site.

  • Platform Migration starting from ฿20000
  • Platform Migration WooCommerce starting from ฿30000
  • Condition for Migration is that the layout and website structure stays the same
  • Software licences are included ($1000+ value) if you decide to host with us


Website re-design/New website

Do you feel that your website needs a new coat of paint, maybe you come from another platform like Wix or Squarespace, or thinking of expanding to e-commerce? Maybe you even don’t have a website yet and want to start with a huge advantage! We will imagine a brand new concept for you from start to finish.

  • One Page website starting from ฿10000 ฿7000 (End of year sale)
  • Business card website starting from ฿25000
  • E-commerce website starting from ฿40000
  • Software licences are included ($1000+ value) if you decide to host with us


Maintenance Packages (Hosting)

Basically hosting, but we call the Maintenance Packages because support for all products and services we deliver is included. Technical server and website maintenance is also included. We have a shared server option and a managed Dedicated/VPS option.

If you choose for the Dedicated server/VPS option we will fine-tune your server to make your website as fast as possible. The speed increase will be very noticeable since you have a server for your own! The service is fully managed by us, meaning we will install the server, manage, tweak and troubleshoot when needed.


  • Shared hosting Maintenance Package ฿5000 per year
  • Dedicated hosting Maintenance Package ฿15000 per year (Excluding server)
  • Includes various software licences/premium themes ($1000+ value) to use with your project
  • VPS servers starting from $5 per month from our VPS partner/provider
  • Limited Time Promotion: Sign up for Dedicated hosting Maintenance Package and receive a $50 credit for your VPS server at our VPS provider!


Are you ready to significantly improve your website speed? Get in touch with us! We will guide you trough the whole process from start to finish, whether it’s questions you have or want to discuss the whole trajectory with us.

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