B2B white label services

for businesses any size

Business to Business

Do you already have a business and you want to be able to sell websites and don’t want to bother with the technical stuff? Folido web & marketing can provide you a platform where you don’t need to know anything technical like coding! This way you can keep focusing on what you do best like designing or consulting your customer. Many businesses, mostly designers and business consultants already work together with us!

No technical skills needed

Our unique platform provides the ability for anyone to make good looking and professional websites. We call it the “No Code WordPress Platform” 🙂 Other than that we are always there to assist you in anything to realise your project!

Technical assistance from us

If your client has special wishes for their website like some custom functionality, you can ask us for a quote. You tell us how it is supposed to work, we will take care of the rest for you!

Premium plugins and themes

The Business-to-Business package also includes a lot of premium themes and plugins available for you to use at no extra cost! We provide themes like Divi and plugins like Gravity Forms and WPML entirely free! There’s a lot more we provide, so why don’t contact us to learn more? 🙂


Full support is included for all products and services we provide. We can do things like custom CSS for you, but if your site has a problem (like an error) we will also solve that for you. Like we said before, there’s no headache and tinkering regarding technical stuff for our B2B customers, we are always there for you!


We will provide you with training on how to work with our platform, and we also occasionally send you tips and tricks, new trends etc. Our relationship with our B2B customers is pretty close!

Bulk pricing

After becoming our B2B partner we can offer you bulk pricing. The price actually depends on how much you will do on your own. After we trained you, you should be able to design, add content, and create sliders etc. yourself. If you do that the prices are really low.